Clegg and Hitchens on UK drug enforcement – BBC News

Cut Clegg says the “war on capsules isn’t working”, nonetheless Peter Hitchens says “there was no war”. The columnist talked about cannabis has been “effectively a decriminalised drug within the nation for loads of years”, and the different of prosecutions has been “shedding love a stone”. However the previous deputy top minister talked about: “Medicine are mistaken for you, they cause hurt. I’m a dad, I don’t desire my formative years curved on capsules”, nonetheless he instructed Mr Hitchens that he may perchance per chance not “honest right prefer it away and in a roundabout blueprint judge you may perchance per chance seemingly seemingly restrict capsules out of existence”.

The pair spoke to On an on a typical basis basis Politics presenter Jo Coburn about what the UK, and one more governments, luxuriate in and revel in not been doing relating to the prohibition of equipment.

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